Car Accident Statistics

Pennsylvania Car Accident Statistics

As devoted members of the Philadelphia community, the lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys are as committed to preventing auto accidents as we are to aggressively representing those made victim by another driver’s negligence in a Pennsylvania car accident.

It’s common knowledge that drivers who are fully informed are better equipped to avoid serious accidents and injuries. With that in mind, we’ve developed this FAQ of Pennsylvania and nationwide car accident statistics.

For a more general review of statistics, and how they can help us learn more about car accidents, visit our blog post on the subject.

Car Accidents In Pennsylvania And Nationwide

Because car accidents are so prevalent, both in Pennsylvania and nationwide, a wealth of research has been conducted on the topic.

  • There are about 250 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States, and nearly 7 million drive the streets and highways of Pennsylvania every day.
  • There are approximately 10 million car crashes every year, the majority of which result in severe injury.
  • In 2010, there were more than 121,000 car accidents in Pennsylvania, and 1,324 of those ended in death.
  • In most car crashes in Pennsylvania, excessive speed is a contributing factor. Drunk drivers are the second leading cause, and driver inattention comes in third.
  • Every day, more than 300 drivers are involved in car accidents in Pennsylvania, and more than three drivers die daily in PA car crashes.

More Pennsylvania Car Accident Statistic Resources

For a comprehensive look at car crash statistics in Pennsylvania, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s 2010 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistics Book. This valuable guide details:

  • Who was responsible for Pennsylvania car accidents
  • What conditions contributed to Pennsylvania car crashes
  • Where and when car accidents occurred in Pennsylvania

And includes a special section devoted to Pedestrian and Bicycle crashes, as well.

Attorneys Representing Car Accident Victims In Pennsylvania

Numbers cannot truly represent the devastation caused by car accidents in Pennsylvania. If you or a loved one were involved in a car crash, you know full well the physical, emotional, and financial burdens that a vehicular accident can inflict.

Serious injuries generally mean a lengthy course of medical treatment, and those resulting in disability may prevent you from returning to work. Pennsylvania allows you to seek compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages, either through auto insurance claims or a personal injury lawsuit. But both avenues are complex, and seeking the maximum compensation to which you are entitled may seem impossible. An experienced personal injury attorney, with extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania’s judicial system and your best interests in mind, is a car accident victim’s best choice in this situation.

Car Accident Lawyers In Philadelphia

The attorneys at Philly Car Accident Guys have decades of experience successfully advocating for Pennsylvania’s car accident victims, securing large settlements and verdicts both against auto insurance companies and before a court of law.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident in Pennsylvania or Philadelphia, contact our lawyers today. We seek to offer the highest level of comprehensive legal counsel to each client, with compassion and efficiency.

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