Common Car Accident Injuries

Common Auto Crash Injuries In Pennsylvania

Every car accident in Pennsylvania is different. Numerous factors converge to create the conditions for an auto crash, and these will differ from case to case. The personal injury lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys are committed to treating each car accident victim’s case personally, and this means never generalizing from one to the next. No circumstances are the same, and no legal defense should be either.

Philadelphia Car Accident Injuries

Our attorneys consistently endeavor to determine the particular facts of our clients’ accidents, in order to secure the maximum compensation for medical treatment and lost wages. Still, national researchers agree that some types of injuries are more prevalent in car accidents than others.

Auto Accident Impact Injuries

Car crash researchers have found that most victims of a car accident suffer what are known as “impact” injuries, either being thrown into a part of the vehicle or being struck by airborne objects that were left unsecured. Extremely common injuries, like cuts or lacerations from broken glass and metal are not considered “impact” injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Blows to the head are very common in car accidents. Drivers and passengers alike can be violently thrown by the force of impact into their car’s steering wheel, dashboard, or windows. Trauma to the head can result in both minor and major concussions, which may lead to serious disability.

Generally, “concussion” is used to refer only to minor forms of traumatic brain injury, although various medical sources may use it differently. In any case, a concussion or TBI occurs when a forceful blow to the head causes damage to the brain. Blood flow within the brain may be adversely affected and swelling of the brain can cause severe cerebral damage.

Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can appear immediately after a concussion, or surface as time passes. The list of TBI symptoms are long and various, and dependent entirely on the type and severity of a concussion. Symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Impaired motor coordination
  • Blurry vision
  • Lethargy
  • Altered sleep patterns
  • Behavioral changes
  • Mood disturbances
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Severely impaired cognitive function

Internal Bleeding

In cases in which those involved in car accidents are forced into external objects, like the car’s steering wheel, internal organs may be damaged. Many such injuries involve internal bleeding and victims must be given medical treatment immediately.

Broken Bones

Fingers, wrists, arms, ribs, legs, and ankles commonly break during automobile accidents. Many broken bones can be treated fairly simply: the bone is “reset,” or placed back into proper alignment, and then a cast is used to keep the limb from moving. Physical therapy may be necessary after the bone has healed to regain full use of the broken limb. In more serious cases, surgery may be required to fix the break.

Broken bones that have passed through the skin are known as compound fractures and require immediate surgical treatment. Generally, serious broken bones and compound fractures should be treated by an orthopedic specialist.

Chronic Back Pain

Although not technically an injury, chronic back pain is one of the most common results of injuries sustained in a car accident. Most back injuries from car accidents affect the lower back; sprains, strains, herniated or slipped discs, and fractured vertebrae can all require surgical treatment and cause debilitating and ongoing back pain.

Many sufferers of back pain are prevented from working by their severe back injuries. In more severe cases of spinal injury, a car accident victim may experience loss of sensation, temporary paralysis, and even permanent paralysis. Cases in which only the lower portion of one’s body is paralyzed are known as paraplegia. Quadriplegia paralyzes the arms and shoulders as well as the legs.


A distortion of the neck in which the neck is violently moved outside its normal range of motion, whiplash is an extremely common injury in car accidents. Generally, bones are not affected by whiplash, but rather the muscles and tendons that enable the neck’s movement. It is therefore referred to as a “soft tissue” injury. In severe cases of whiplash, vertebrae, discs, and the spinal cord itself may be damaged.

Car Accident Lawyers In Philadelphia

No matter the injuries sustained, victims of a car accident in Pennsylvania should seek immediate medical treatment after their crash. Be sure both to photograph any and all injuries sustained, and inform your medical professionals of all abnormal sensations that you believe may be related to your accident. Prompt, comprehensive reporting is vital to the success of a personal injury lawsuit in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. For more information on what to do after a car accident, visit our Philadelphia Car Accident Scene FAQ.

Personal Injury Legal Services For Pennsylvania Car Accident Victims

Victims of a car crash in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania State may be entitled to seek compensatory damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Those seriously injured in an auto accident most likely face costly medical expenses, in addition to a long course of medical treatment. If another driver’s negligence contributed to your accident, you can be awarded fair compensation in a court of law. But the last thing on your mind at this trying time should be a protracted legal battle.

Contact the lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys and receive the prompt, effective legal guidance you deserve. In over 50 years of distinguished service representing car accident victims in Pennsylvania, our attorneys have secured numerous high-value settlements and verdicts for our clients. We approach every case with the same level of passionate, aggressive legal counsel. Find out more about the practice areas on which our lawyers concentrate by visiting Types Of Car Accidents.

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