Types of Car Accidents

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Practice Areas

Many car accidents in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania result in serious injury. Such physical trauma may lead to life-long disability that makes the prospect of working impossible. In some tragic instances, car accidents may even result in death. After a traumatic auto accident, victims may be faced by a lengthy course of necessary medical treatment, a loss of wages, and emotional burdens that appear overwhelming. At this moment, justice may seem out of reach.

In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, the victims of car accidents and their loved ones may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and other auto crash-associated expenses in a personal injury lawsuit.

When going it alone is not an option, Pennsylvania’s car accident victims need a trusted advocate, a legal advisor who can stand up for their best interests, both against auto insurance companies and before a court of law.

Car Accident Lawyers In Philadelphia

The distinguished auto accident attorneys at Philly Car Accident Guys want nothing more than to protect your rights against the negligent parties responsible for your auto accident. Many victims of a car crash face physical, emotional, and financial obstacles as a result of their traumatic experiences. For 50 years, the personal injury lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys have furthered the interests of car accident victims against Pennsylvania’s auto insurance carriers and before the Pennsylvania courts, with prompt, efficient legal guidance and aggressive advocacy. Do you want to:

  • Be compensated for your medical expenses and ongoing treatment?
  • Get the valuable insurance benefits you deserve?
  • Receive compensation for lost wages?
  • Get your peace of mind back?
  • Hold those responsible for your injuries accountable?

Our attorneys have been doing just that for 50 years and counting. Many insurance companies want to minimize the appearance of your injuries, vehicle damage, and psychological trauma, keeping the money you deserve in their wallets. You need an experienced advocate, one dedicated to furthering your best interests rather than someone else’s bottom line. Our experienced personal injury lawyers, with extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania State and Philadelphia legal codes, want to fight for you when no one else will.

Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Practice Areas

In our 50 years of combined legal service, the lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys have gained the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to secure the fair compensation that you deserve. Whether we’re fighting auto insurance companies for your valuable benefits, or holding negligent drivers and vehicle manufacturers accountable, we offer the same unparalleled level of compassionate, aggressive legal counsel to each client. Our lawyers are practiced in numerous specific areas of Pennsylvania car accident law, including:

  • Asleep At The Wheel / Drowsy Driving Car Accidents
  • Drunk Driving / Driving Under The Influence Car Crashes
  • Head On Collision Car Accidents
  • High Speed Collision Auto Accidents
  • Rear End Car Accidents
  • Road Rage / Aggressive Driving Auto Crashes
  • Roll Over SUV, Truck, & Semi Truck Accidents
  • Side Impact Collision Accidents
  • Texting While Driving / Distracted Driving Auto Crashes
  • Wrongful Death In Car Accidents

For every client, we are committed to offering the highest level of legal guidance. In truth, we take every case personally. We will work closely with your doctors and medical professionals to determine the nature and severity of your injuries. Our thorough approach ensures that we can fight for the maximum compensation for your medical expenses and all future health needs. With a team of professional car accident investigators, we will reconstruct the circumstances of your crash to pinpoint the factors that led to your accident. Only through detailed investigation can a personal injury lawyer in Pennsylvania hope to reveal the causes of a Philadelphia car accident.

A Comprehensive Approach To Philadelphia Car Accident Claims

Another driver’s negligence is only one possible cause for a Pennsylvania car accident. If another motorist’s behavior contributed to your crash, you can be certain that the personal injury lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys will hold them accountable.

But other causes may have come into play. If vehicle malfunction contributed to your car accident, an automobile manufacturer may be equally to blame. In addition, faulty road design is at the root of many auto accidents in Pennsylvania. If this is the case, federal, Pennsylvania State, county, and even Philadelphia governmental authorities can be held accountable for a number of common car crash causes.

A thorough investigation, guided by an expert personal injury lawyer, is the only way to identify every avenue for compensation. The lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys are committed to ensuring that every Pennsylvania car accident victim receives the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

For information on how to drive safely and reduce the possibility of getting involved in car accidents, click here.

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Our attorneys fully understand that the expense of comprehensive legal services can seem daunting to car accident victims and their families. As outlined in an article on “Can We Value Pain & Suffering?”, we will ensure that all avenues of compensation will be explored and investigated. We believe that everyone, no matter their personal situation, should have access to excellent, thorough legal defense, especially when the stakes are high. We offer a free consultation to all Pennsylvania car accident victims seeking to learn more about their legal options. Additionally, our attorneys always offer their services on a contingency-fee basis. You owe us nothing unless we return a favorable outcome in your case.

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