Head On Collision

Philadelphia Head On Collision Lawyers

Head on collisions are perhaps the most devastating type of auto accident. The numbers bear this fact out: while head-on crashes make up only 2% of car accidents each year, they result in a disproportionate amount of the car accidents in Pennsylvania that prove fatal. 10% of all car accidents that end in death are head-on collisions.

Victims of head on collision auto accidents in Pennsylvania have relied on the expertise and wealth of resources at Philly Car Accident Guys for over 50 years. In our decades of experience, we’ve secured large settlements and verdicts for our clients injured in head on collisions.

Head On Collision Car Accidents In Pennsylvania

Head-on collisions are categorized as lane-departure or road-departure accidents, because they are most commonly caused by a driver veering out of the appropriate lane and into oncoming traffic. Such drivers may be found negligent in a personal injury lawsuit, and we urge victims of head on collisions to pursue the financial compensation they deserve with the help of an experienced Philadelphia head on collision accident lawyer.

Causes Of Head On Collisions In Philadelphia

Many head-on collisions occur on highway curves, because a vehicle is driving too fast to adequately handle the curve. Another form of head-on collision is called the wrong-way entry accident, if a driver mistakenly takes an on-ramp when exiting a highway, or enters an off-ramp when attempting to merge onto another roadway.

Tragically, many head on collisions are entirely preventable, and a successful personal injury lawsuit hinges on proving that a driver was behaving negligently. Common examples of driver negligence that result in a head on collision include:

Third Party Negligence In Philadelphia Head On Collision Accidents

But the responsibility for a head on collision in Pennsylvania may lie elsewhere. In addition to driver negligence, vehicle manufacturers can be held liable if a vehicle malfunction caused the accident. Faulty road design may be to blame, and city, county, and state governmental agencies may be held accountable for roadway conditions that exacerbated the head on collision, including:

  • dangerous curves
  • poor visibility
  • inadequate signage

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Because of their catastrophic nature, head on collision accident cases require exceptional legal resources. Many head on collisions result in serious injuries, and even wrongful death, making medical expenses extremely high and emotional distress potentially overwhelming. Our lawyers always offer their services on a contingency fee basis, so you pay us nothing unless we secure a favorable decision in your accident case.

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