Rear End Accidents

Rear End Collision Lawyers In Philadelphia

Rear end car accidents happen every day, and many only result in minor injuries and vehicle repair. Others may seem minor at first, but over time the effects of a rear end collision can become clear. Unlike a head-on collision or high speed crash, which often result in immediate, serious injury, rear end crashes tend to cause lingering back and neck pain which, if left untreated, can develop into serious disabilities.

Rear End Car Accidents In Pennsylvania

Most rear end accidents in Pennsylvania occur because a driver failed to stop appropriately at an intersection or stop sign. The injuries sustained in a rear end accident may result in pain so severe that it prevents you from working and enjoying your life. Thankfully, an experienced personal injury lawyer with extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania’s legal system can help. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Only an attorney with extensive experience, and a proven record of success, can help you navigate the often complex legal system that governs Philadelphia.

Injuries Caused By Rear End Auto Accidents In Pennsylvania

Even if you feel relatively fine, it’s important to visit a medical professional who can more accurately determine the extent of trauma after a rear end car crash. Rear end accidents commonly cause injuries that are not apparent at first, but worsen over time. The lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys have dealt with many rear end car accident cases that eventually resulted in chronic medical conditions and disability. Before an injury prevents you from working, visit your preferred doctor for a checkup.

Many rear end accidents cause whiplash, a wide range of injuries that result from an unexpected distortion of the neck. In America, there are more than one million whiplash cases from car accidents reported every year. Whiplash affects bones, discs, tendons, and muscles in the neck and upper back, and can cause chronic back pain.

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A rear end car accident may not seem serious at first, but they can have severe consequences down the road. If you or a loved one were rear ended in Philadelphia traffic, contact the attorneys at Philly Car Accident Guys today for a free consultation. Our lawyers strive to offer the same level of compassionate, efficient legal guidance to each of our clients.

Don’t rely on an auto insurance company to compensate you fairly for your injuries; most will actually attempt to minimize the appearance of your distress. The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys will work closely with medical professionals to determine the severity of your injuries, and ensure you receive fair and adequate compensation for medical expenses. Our professional accident investigators will reconstruct the circumstances of your accident, making sure that negligent parties are found and held accountable for their inexcusable actions. And our lawyers always offer their services on a contingency-fee basis; you only pay when we return a verdict or settlement in your favor.

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