Rollover Accidents

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While many of us consider SUVs and vans to be the safest vehicles on the road, they are also the most likely to be involved in a Pennsylvania roll over car accident. In fact, SUVs are three times as likely to roll over in normal driving situations than any other passenger vehicle. In 2005 alone, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported 135 roll over accident deaths.

Pennsylvania Roll Over Auto Accidents

But even in the face of these tragic numbers, the federal government has failed to pass legislation requiring the manufacturers of SUVs to make them as safe as smaller passenger vehicles. Unlike sedans, SUVs are legally considered “light trucks,” which makes them exempt from many of the safety regulations that govern the production of other vehicles.

What Kinds Of Cars Are Most Prone To Roll Over Accidents?

Vehicles that are tall and top-heavy, like sport utility vehicles (SUV), vans, and trucks are most likely to be involved in Philadelphia roll over car accidents. Unlike a normal sedan, SUVs, vans, and trucks (especially semi trucks and 18 wheelers) have a very high center of gravity, which means they are more likely to tip over at high speeds or while taking dramatic curves on the highway.

Unfortunately for other drivers, the effects of a roll over accident in Pennsylvania can be devastating. Because of their large size, when semi trucks tip and fall on surrounding vehicles they can crush the roof of another car, potentially causing serious injuries to both drivers and passengers. Victims of a roll over accident in Philadelphia often face the overwhelming costs of medical expenses and vehicle repairs. They also face considerable emotional and physical hurdles on their road to recovery. In a personal injury lawsuit, a distinguished truck roll over accident attorney in Philadelphia may be able to secure compensation for a victim’s injuries and accident-related expenses.

Why Do Roll Over Accidents In Philadelphia Happen?

Generally, roll over auto accidents in Pennsylvania are not the fault of a vehicle’s driver. Instead, vehicle manufacturer’s can be held liable for improper design and even failing to conduct an appropriate amount of safety engineering. An experienced roll over accident personal injury lawyer with knowledge of Pennsylvania State and federal legal regulations will be able to determine the precise causes of your auto accident, and hold negligent parties responsible.

In many cases of roll over car accidents, an automotive manufacturer can be found negligent, if they failed to equip a vehicle with appropriate safety equipment. Many severe injuries could have been prevented if more SUVs and vans were built with roll cages and body reinforcement. But many vehicles on the roads of Pennsylvania are not, putting those prone to roll over in jeopardy.

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If you or a loved one were injured in a roll over car or truck accident in Pennsylvania, a personal injury lawyer’s legal guidance and expert knowledge can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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