Side Impact Collision

Side Impact Collision Lawyers In Philadelphia

Side impact collisions, also known as T-Bone accidents and broadside accidents, are among the most dangerous car accidents. According to the US Office of Health, Safety and Security, side impact collisions result in over 9,000 deaths every year. An experienced side impact collision attorney in Philadelphia may be able to secure compensation for a victim’s medical expenses and lost wages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Side Impact Collision Car Accidents In Pennsylvania

Most side impact collision accidents in Pennsylvania occur on the busy city streets of Philadelphia, at intersections where drivers face masses of oncoming traffic and must time their actions quickly. But if the rules of the road are not obeyed to the letter, vehicles passing through intersections can be hit in the side by an oncoming car in a side impact car crash.

Why Are Side Impact Collisions So Dangerous?

Drivers and passengers in side impact collisions are more likely to be seriously injured than those in other types of auto accident. A vehicle’s doors are often its weakest point, and cannot hope to absorb the full impact of an oncoming car. The speeding vehicle may even push into the passenger compartment of the car that it has T-boned, causing significant damage to drivers and passengers alike.

Preventing Side Impact Collisions In Philadelphia

Preventing side impact collisions in Philadelphia is a matter of obeying driving laws and common sense. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself and your family from a side impact car accident:

  • Wait courteously at intersections until your driving path is clear and you can turn safely.
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs fully before continuing.
  • Make sure that you are allowed to “turn right on red” at a particular intersection.
  • Yield to oncoming traffic.

As you may have guessed, failure to comply with the above driving regulations is at the heart of most side impact collisions in Philadelphia.

The majority of side impact collision cases come down to driver negligence, in which a motorist behaved improperly in a potentially dangerous situation. Negligent drivers can be held accountable for their careless actions in a personal injury lawsuit. Victims of side impact collisions stand to secure compensation for their medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and lost wages with the help of an experienced side impact collision accident attorney.

Contact A Side Impact Collision Car Accident Lawyer In Philadelphia

If you or a loved were injured in a Pennsylvania side impact collision, you may be able to seek justice in a court of law. Turning to a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience representing the rights of car accident victims is your best chance at receiving the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. The attorneys at Philly Car Accident Guys have over 50 years of combined experience, and a proven track record of returning favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients, in side impact collision auto accident cases.

Pennsylvania Side Impact Collision Attorney Services

Unlike many auto insurance companies, our lawyers will work closely with your medical professionals, to determine the extent of your injuries and ascertain the true cost of your present and future medical expenses. With the help of professional accident investigators, we’ll reconstruct your accident and find the parties to blame for your side impact accident. In addition to negligent drivers, vehicle manufacturers may also be held accountable for the devastating effects of a side impact collision accident. But only a proven team of car accident attorneys can stand up to insurance companies and major automobile manufacturers alike, in your search for justice.

The personal injury lawyers at Philly Car Accident Guys are devoted members of the Pennsylvania community, and believe that everyone has the right to thorough, expert legal guidance. We offer a free consultation to side impact collision victims seeking more information on their legal options, and always work on a contingency-fee basis, offering our services with no cost unless we return a favorable verdict or settlement in your claim.

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